Perils Of Adulting - Prologue - 1

Artist: Orphiclife India


She is a Wonder woman, she wonders where her money has gone, where her apartment keys are, why she spends a lot on silly things, In fact, she just wonders why she wonders. Yeah, folks! That’s her.

She is a millennial constantly figuring out ways to save money and purchase branded products cheaper. It’s mostly because she spends her money on malls and multiplexes. she is also at a very difficult point in our lives, where simple tasks like going grocery shopping, paying the Wi-Fi bill, washing dishes, doing laundry can seem a lot on top of all study and work jobs. She often tends to push the bare necessities at the expense of having a social life. She is one among us, struggling with the whole “mature adult” thing, caught between independence and the internet. And yet, she’s starting to feel the pull of adulthood. This year, some of her friends have begun to get engaged and married still she hasn’t figured out what she actually needs. She represents those of us who still don’t know when the electric bill is due, and who never quite learned how to calculate the tip in their heads. She offers anecdotes that make you laugh, cry, or yell “SAAMME!”.

Cheers to the almost adults. US!!!!

Oct 03 2018


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